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Sous Vide

Sous-vide, meaning “under vacuum” in French, is a culinary technique best known for its ability to perfectly cook meats and vegetables. It is the process of sealing food in a vacuum-sealed bag, then cooking the food in temperature-controlled water.

Cooking food at consistent lower temperatures means you’ll never have an overcooked piece of protein. The sous-vide technique doesn’t dehydrate or lose its form while cooking as the food is vacuum-sealed. You can experience restaurant-quality food since this process keeps the texture of food and guarantees flavour and tenderness. Plus, the vitamins and minerals won’t be lost during the cooking process, which means it is healthier than traditional cooking methods.

Under long-time sous-vide cooking, along with classic seasoning marination, Trugourmet’s sous-vide beef selections will bring you an exclusive taste experience. Our sous-vide beef selections include Strip Loin Steak, Rib-Eye Steak, and T-Bone Steak. Follow the cooking instructions and you will get a perfect, Michelin-star quality steak!